About Us

Voice My Choice is non-profit in the state of Ohio.  We are NOT a 501c3. We have a vision and hope that one day abortion in America will be outlawed and viewed as inconceivable and abominable as human trafficking.

We believe that the facts about abortion are firmly on the pro-life side, and yet it’s not logical arguments and facts that will change America’s narcissistic “abortion on demand” culture.

We believe that crisis pregnancy centers and other community support efforts are tangible ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus and love our neighbors.  As great as that is, we're aware that they will not change a culture that looks the other way when thousands of unwanted babies are aborted every day.

We believe that electing pro-life politicians and judges are very important, as is supporting pro-life legislation, and yet legislative action rarely results in transformative cultural change.

We believe that true cultural change will happen when the Body of Christ, the Church wakes up and intentionally participates in the public square and social media crying out to the heart of their families and communities, pulling at the heart strings of the populace, so that they begin to feel the pain and consequences of abortion.

We want to create this change—if you agree with our vision please support this effort by buying one of the “Abortion Is Murder” flags and putting it up in your community.  You can hang these flags on a flag-pole or zip-tie them to fence or hang them on a wall or any area that's visible to others.  If you’re unable to put the flag up but want to send in your financial support, just let us know and we will partner with others and get it hung up for you. Most importantly, please pray for us and others in the battle of War Against the Unborn.

Who will rise up and take action against this evil? Will you join us?

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